• Queena RUAN
    Expertise Fields: Expertise Fields:Further Study Application, Advice on CV & Personal Statement, Interview Skills
  • Cora Li (Alumni) 2012 IBM UNNC alumna/ Senior deputy manager of HR Department in Bank of Ningbo (Head office)
    Expertise Fields: Career development plan/ Employment preparation/ Banking and Finance interview skills
    Availability:Closed, will reopen from April
  • Xuan Xu (Alumni) 2013 FAM alumna of UNNC/Associate Senior Manager (ICBC Dubai)/Former KPMG Dubai Senior Associate Auditor
    Expertise Fields: Career planning/ Mentor relationship/ Industry knowledge for Financial Service Sector
    Availability:Not available in Autumn Semester
  • Mi Li (Alumni) 2016 CE alumnus of UNNC/Project Technical Manager of Overseas Business Division, East China Company of China Construction Second Engineering Bureau.
    Expertise Fields: Knowledge of Engineering Construction Industry/ Career Planning
    Availability:Sunday 10:00-11:30
  • Junjie Xu (Alumni) 2019 FI alumna of UNNC/Analyst of China Merchants Securities Investment Bank (Headquarter)
    Expertise Fields: Career path/Preparing for employment/Resume and interview counseling/Internship opportunities
    Availability:Bi-weekly Sunday 19:00-19:30
  • VeraZhang based in Shanghai (UNUK China Office), responsible for student recruitment throughout mainland China.
    Expertise Fields: Inquiry about PG Programmes in University of Nottingham UK Campus
    Availability:2021年10月11日13:30- 17:00 2021年10月12日9:00-12:00
  • Demi Qiu
    Expertise Fields: Course and future plan; Internship, part-time job and full time job hunting.
    Availability:Monday afternoon 14:00-17:00; Phone: 0574-88180000*8332; Email: demi.qiu@nottingham.edu.cn.
  • Lily Zhong With years of HR experience in MNC, specialized in recruitment and learning functions.
    Expertise Fields: Job Hunting Skills; CV Polish; Interview Skills
    Availability:Friday morning 14:00-17:00; Phone: 0574-88180000*8142; Email: lily.zhong@nottingham.edu.cn.
  • Rejoyce Wang
    Expertise Fields: Generate a career idea; Course and future plan; further study;explore yourself,e.g. career interest, personality, skills, what can I do? Group Career Counselling
    Availability:Friday afternoon 13:30-17:00; Phone: 0574-88180000*8460; Email: rejoyce.wang@nottingham.edu.cn.
  • 郁源 (Corp. Advisor) 宁波市人才服务中心高端人才寻访总监、宁波市人才培训中心(宁波市国家公务员与转业军官培训中心)项目总监、资深人力资源顾问,国际人力资源管理师、HTP统合房树人心理分析师、浙江大学高级心理咨询技术学员
    Expertise Fields: 面试及简历辅导、行业背景、企业文化特点、职业成长路径、心理投射测试等
    Availability:Thursday 19:00-20:00, Sunday 19:00-20:00 ; Email: 87126124@nbrc.cn